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I am retiring and selling off most of my world class production audio gear. The current listing of gear for sale is HERE. My main production recording/playback cart will be sold and I am removing sub-systems to sell individually if desired to purchase. Cart pictures and details will come.
Message me if you have questions or equipment needs. Nelson Stoll,

The main cart includes a Midas mixing console and recording is done on BoomRecorder Netherlands software run on a MacMini with 2 solid state drives. This system is rock solid and provides up to 32 tracks of impeccable audio in a totally reliable portable recording studio on a cart. It was designed to be ideal for TV and Film production, with world class 24bit audio and flexible monitoring to meet any production needs. It is very fast to configure with saved templates and usually used to record up to 20 tracks with 4 separate output mix feeds. Fantastic for house line level splits and 32 track recording. Denecke GR-1 master TimeCode generator synchronizes all audio, cameras, syncboxes and slates and all needed connector output adapter cables are built in. The BoomRecorder software has never skipped a beat and provides industry standard BWF files. The cart system display works well in bright sunlight and is great for the MacMini. ProTools X is included and the Midas is a great control surface for editing or sync playback. Software includes MS Office and Shure Workbench, plus utilities. Ethernet, WiFi, USB3 and card readers are all included. Power conditioning and UPS are on the cart. Currently there are 4 channels of Shure UHF radios, but the cart can be easily expanded to 10 or more radio mics. The cart also has Shure high gain antennas and RF distribution. Combined with the Shure Workbench software RF analysis and system configuration are easy and can be saved for each location used. Spare wheels, brake cables (yes!, the cart has brakes) and other misc. spare parts are included.

This cart is designed to work comfortably in the studio, interior location or the harshest exterior environments. Extremely well built and functional with full rack on left and half rack on right. Compact and fully functional!

Message me if interested in all or part of the Cart system. Nelson Stoll

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